30+ Years of Experience

GREAT SOLAR WORKS!, INC. was started in January, 1988, then known as Tri-Wind Energy Products, as a company specializing in designing and installing off-grid photovoltaic systems in Washington State's Puget Sound region. From 1988 to 1995 Dana Orzel and his company designed and installed over 85 off-grid PV systems, solar-powered water pump systems in tandem with wind & hydro-electric assistance.

Over 200 Installations since 1988

Great Solar Works! has been very active in the design, installation, service and repair of micro- to super-sized PV, solar hot water, wind, and water pumping systems for grid-tied and off-grid enterprises. Since 1996 Great Solar Works! has designed and installed over 200 residential, commercial, and governmental power and heating systems in Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, and even the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Great Solar Works! is now located in IDAHO, servicing the Wood River Valley and all areas throughout the state.

Elite Team of Engineers

Members of our design, installation, and servicing team are certified by:
NABCEP – North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners - PV Installer / Solar Thermal Installer

For special projects we have an elite team of consulting engineers and other specialists. Our team members include structural, civil, and geo-technical engineers, environmental scientists, and includes Bill Brooks, PE. - Brooks Engineering, Pre-eminent National PV designer, California Energy Code Writer, National Electrical Code writer, author, and National PV System Instructor.

We're 100% Solar Powered - Make an Appointment

Our location is 100% off-grid and we love to show it off.  By appointment only, let's make a consulting date and give you a tour.


NABCEP # - 051112-136
JOURNEYMAN PV # - 028374


I didn’t have you install my system for financial reasons, but because it was the “right thing to do.” Still, in my opinion, it’s been a good financial investment  
– Rojer
This is a strong letter of recommendation for Dana Orzel and his crew at Great Solar Works!, and to the incredible solar hot water system they installed for us one year ago. It has worked flawlessly, supplying ALL our hot water (the significance which you will appreciate as you read on).
– Bob and Sue Scott
Since we live at 10,400 feet ASL, this has allowed us to live comfortably, efficiently and completely off the grid as far as all our energy needs are concerned.
– Robert Tebbe, Jr.
I have been treated with respect and with excellent levels of quality in a variety of complex installation requirements.
– Todd B Barbey